Bamboo Vs Cotton

The conversation around sustainability and following a sustainable lifestyle has been going on for some time now, we can together bring a massive change if each one of us contributes in our own little way.

Bamboo is considered a wise man’s timber. It is nature’s gift to mankind, and it’s time we started using it in our daily lives as a means to lead a more sustainable and healthy life.

For the longest we have considered cotton as our go-to option for a high quality, breathable fabric, but here are some facts about bamboo that make it a better alternative :

  1. Durability and comfort — Bamboo fibres are highly durable. They last much longer than cotton if taken care of. Cotton on the other hand tends to wrinkle and depreciate easily over time.
  2. Environmentally responsible — There are nearly a 1000 species of bamboo that grow over 70 per cent of the Earth’s land area, making it a highly renewable resource. Moreover, it uses very less water to grow compared to the high water needs of cotton. It also takes in carbon dioxide that helps reduce the greenhouse effect and produces nearly 30 per cent more oxygen than trees. It sure does a lot for us and the planet.
  3. Hypoallergenic — Bamboo is hypoallergenic and can especially be very useful for individuals with sensitive skin.
  4. Antibacterial — Bamboo resists the growth of bacteria on the fiber. It does not require antimicrobial chemical treatment and washing that in turn increases its lifespan.
  5. Thermal regulation — Bamboo works on a lovely paradox. It helps you keep cool during summers and warm during the winters.

With growing environmental problems both producers and consumers need to switch to more sustainable methods, and ways to reduce the impact on our environment. Using bamboo products can help reduce the carbon footprint to a great extent.



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