Everything You Should Know About Bamboo Viscose Bedding

As you lay down in your bed for the night, you might notice the quality of your bedsheets. Are they not as soft as they once were, or have they lost their luster? Have your bedsheets accumulated holes, snags, and loosened strands? Maybe it’s time to switch to high-quality, durable bedding that feels silky smooth and curbs the worry about bacteria growth.

Making the switch the bamboo viscose bedding comes with many benefits, but it’s crucial to know everything about it before making an investment. So, here are things you should know before purchasing bamboo viscose bedding. Next thing you know, your bedroom will become your paradise!

What Is Viscose Bamboo?

The term “viscose bamboo” comes from fabric made from bamboo. It’s a type of cellulose extracted from wood pulp, creating a natural material with many uses. The bamboo stalks are steeped in a solution to help break down their structure, making them more pliable. The bamboo pulp is shredded, aged, and ripened for filtering, washing, and spinning.

Bamboo viscose has a variety of uses, including clothing and other textile applications. The fabric made from bamboo viscose has a soft, silky feel that’s also absorbent. It’s perfect for towels, home textiles, and bedding.

Bamboo vs. Cotton

What are the differences between cotton and bamboo viscose? One key factor that makes bamboo impressive is its environmental responsibility; there are over 1,000 different species of bamboo, and it is a highly renewable resource that’s easy to grow. Bamboo viscose requires significantly less water to grow than cotton and takes in more carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse effects.

Moreover, bamboo viscose fibers are more durable than cotton, lasting considerably longer. Finally, bamboo viscose bedding is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and thermal regulating for all homes.

Benefits of Bamboo Viscose Bedding

You should get familiar with the many benefits of bamboo viscose bedding. Not only is it worth the investment, but it also comes with high rewards and satisfaction.

Gentle on Skin & Hair

Bamboo viscose is a valuable material for bedding because of its gentle texture. Cotton fibers often latch onto moisture, oil, and bacteria. As a result, your pores can become clogged and irritated; you may even experience premature wrinkles. Your hair can also feel frizzier and drier, resulting in breakage.

Bamboo viscose bedding relieves different skin ailments, from eczema and rosacea to acne-prone, inflamed skin. Moreover, bamboo bedding is naturally anti-static, reducing the number of shocks you feel as you create friction against the sheets. Because bamboo bedding is smooth and silky, you’ll have a more comfortable night’s rest without worrying about skin and hair damage.

Thermoregulation & Moisture-Wicking

Other benefits of viscose bamboo are its moisture-wicking and thermoregulating properties. No matter how you move around in bed, you will always lay in cool, dry sheets that keep your body at a comfortable temperature. On the flip side, bamboo viscose bedding has natural insulation properties due to its micro-hole construction, offering ventilation to keep you warm on cold nights.

You won’t have to worry about sleeping on damp spots from excessive sweating and moisture. As previously mentioned, bamboo viscose bedding has micro-holes and gaps to keep sweat and moisture from sticking to the sheets. Unlike cotton, it is non-porous, and you can sleep peacefully without feeling damp spots.


During the evening, homeowners can feel the struggle of living with allergies, congestion, and sensitivities. With bamboo viscose bedding, you can sleep comfortably without sneezing fits, itching, or irritation. Adversely, dirt, oil, and dust mites cling to porous fabric like cotton, resulting in allergy flare-ups.

Bamboo plants contain an antimicrobial agent called “bamboo kun,” which provides natural resistance to dust mites, mildew, and bacteria. Say goodbye to evenings of sneezing fits, clogged noses, and irritated skin, and say hello to silky, soft coziness and comfort.


Another reason bamboo viscose bedding is so appealing is its eco-friendliness. As mentioned, bamboo is a renewable resource and offers multiple uses, making for a sustainable bedding alternative to cotton or silk. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, creating clean and breathable air.

Moreover, bamboo plants grow significantly faster than others. They are biodegradable and don’t require much water. You can rest easy knowing your bamboo viscose bedding is ethically sourced and won’t negatively impact the environment.

Tips for Bamboo Viscose Bedding Care

Now that you know more about bamboo viscose bedding, it’s time to learn about the maintenance and care that go into it. Let’s discuss the various care methods that help your bamboo viscose bedding last longer and become softer.

Washing & Drying

Washing your bedsheets comes down to personal preference and hygiene. You should wash bamboo viscose bedsheets once a week to remove dirt and debris. Organize the pillowcases in pairs and put them through a rinse cycle twice. You should wash your bamboo viscose duvet monthly, preferably at the laundromat or professional dry cleaners, if your washing machine doesn’t have room.

Use a low-spin cycle when drying your bamboo viscose bedsheets. Dry your pillowcases on an air cycle or low-heat setting.


Storing your bamboo viscose bedding is straightforward; you’ll want to keep the pieces folded in a cool, dry closet or drawer to prevent mildew growth and moisture accumulation. Avoid storing the bedding in plastic containers, as the fabric needs airflow for a bacteria-free surface and to maintain dryness.


You won’t have to replace bamboo viscose bedding frequently, as it can last considerably longer than other textiles. A duvet can last from 10 to 20 years. If your duvet is becoming limp, losing fluffiness, or leaking fluff, consider a replacement.

As for bamboo viscose bedsheets and pillowcases, replace them when you notice stains, aging, and faded patterns. Unlike bamboo bedsheets, traditional bedding needs replacements from constant washing cycles and natural fiber breakdown.

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Everything You Should Know About Bamboo Viscose Bedding

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