100% Bamboo Fiber Sheet Quality Warranty

1 Year Quality Warranty

Bamboo is Better products have a long history of excellent quality and reliability. Our 1-Year Limited Quality Warranty will help ensure that your product(s) last for their intended use and protect you from any rare and unexpected manufacturer defects.

If your Bamboo is Better products are defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, Bamboo is Better warrants that. At Bamboo is Better's option, it will replace or repair the product. This warranty shall not apply if Bamboo is Better determines in its reasonable discretion that the products have been damaged, abused, or neglected; it shall be reasonable without limitation to make such determination if the following are present: stains, odors, unsanitary conditions, footprints, burns, cuts, tears, pilling, insect damage or other infestation, damage from liquids, oils, gels, body fluids or other fluids, or damage from weather or sun exposure.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear from washing and intended use. Any to-or-from transportation handling and costs and inspection costs associated with repairs or replacements are the responsibility of purchaser.

Any replacement product sent will be subject to the same limited warranty as the original Bamboo is Better product(s), and the warranty term of the replaced Bamboo is Better product(s) begins from the date of purchase of the original Bamboo is Better product(s). All warranties MUST have the original, dated receipt -- any warranty claims without a receipt is voided. Bamboo is Better will replace only the item that has a defect, and is not responsible for replacing entire set. 

If you do experience any manufacturing defects, please initiate a review request by emailing us at support@bambooisbetter.com.

Bamboo is Better Care and Use Instructions for 100% Bamboo Fiber Sheets

  • Do not bleach, iron, or use fabric softeners
  • Wash separately on cold/gentle cycle
  • Dry separately on low heat or hang dry
  • Put on bed or fold immediately after drying to avoid excessive wrinkling