5 reasons to support small businesses

"When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream"

Small businesses have always played a very significant role, in fact it acts as a backbone and foundation of any country and its economy. In these extraordinary circumstances that we are living in, small businesses need your support more than ever. 

There are numerous factors why small businesses are important and need to be supported. Here are some of the many reasons why our local - small businesses need your support:

1.Employment opportunities 

Small businesses provide employment opportunities to a vast majority of the workforce. It's no secret that the job market is tight out there and there is a lot of competition. Small businesses help provide jobs and experiences to the young lot giving them much needed practical experience.

2.Giving back to your local community 

It is very important that we as individuals play our part in giving back to our local community. It gives a chance to the local community to thrive.

3.Quality over quantity 

Small businesses operate on a smaller scale where the attention is on the smallest of the details. The smaller scale of operations naturally tend to make the production of goods or services more meticulous and fine tuned eventually offering quality over quantity. 


4.Great Customer Service 

There's a long lost charm in the very fact that small business owners are always ready to cater to your feedback, complaints and make improvements when needed. It's important to us that our customers are satisfied with our services as we want them to not only revisit our store to buy more but also get their friends and family along, which helps us get more customers :)

5.Smaller carbon footprint 

One very important reason why you should support local/small businesses is because it helps reduce the carbon footprint. Big businesses are involved in large scale production that involves massive logistics. We can play our small role by supporting small businesses and taking care of our environment.

Let us play our part and support small businesses.

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