A Brief Guide for Picking the Right Pillow

Have you noticed your sleep quality isn’t what it was before? Sometimes, swapping your old pillow for a new one can do the trick. Here is our brief overview of picking the best pillow for yourself.

Choosing the Right Size & Firmness

Before picking the first pillow you find, you need to know which size works best for you. Furthermore, your pillow should fit the size of your bed.

For instance, if you sleep in a full or twin-sized bed, a standard or queen pillow would work for your bed size; it goes the same way with matching queen-sized pillows with a queen-sized bed and so on. Moreover, firmness matters—you want a fuller pillow to compensate for gaps in your upper back and shoulder blades for side sleeping or a flatter pillow if you’re a back sleeper.

Pillow Life Span

Another consideration in our brief guide for picking the best pillow is the life span of your pillow. The life span of a pillow depends on the material and construction. For instance, bamboo viscose pillows last, on average, between a year to two years or longer if you take good care of them.

Consider how often you use your pillow, dirt accumulation, and the number of times you must wash it. Some pillow materials last longer than others, so it’s crucial that you choose a pillow that fits your sleeping habits.

Health Benefits & Sleep Quality

Did you know that bamboo viscose has numerous health benefits? Compared to other materials like cotton or silk, bamboo viscose is an eco-friendly, renewable resource that offers antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties to prevent dust mites and allergens.

Furthermore, bamboo viscose offers breathable, thermogenic properties. You will stay warm without overheating so that you can sleep longer and deeper. Finding the right pillow doesn’t stop at softness but how it can impact your sleep quality.

Bamboo Is Better believes in providing eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo viscose bedding products to those who deeply care about their sleep. Our bamboo cooling pillows come in singles, pairs, and sets, along with ranging sizes, including toddler, queen, king and a full body pillow, filled with shredded memory foam for the perfect firmness and softness. To know more about our bamboo viscose bedding products, contact us today.

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