A Guide To Stay Cool at Night for Hot Sleepers

Your bedroom should feel like a private, peaceful space where you can relax and enjoy the quiet evening. However, some obstacles can make your sleep less enjoyable, including excessive noise, starchy blankets, and, most importantly, the temperature in your bedroom.

Hot sleeping is a common problem many homeowners face at least once or twice. Luckily, here’s our guide for hot sleepers who struggle to keep cool throughout the night. You’ll find relief from tossing, turning, and sweating through your blankets, helping you feel more comfortable and relaxed during sleep. Let’s explore why hot sleeping occurs and different solutions to make it more pleasant and therapeutic.

Reasons Why Hot Sleeping Happens

Hot sleeping is one of the most frustrating experiences. But let’s face it; you’re most likely researching how to make your sleep more comfortable at this very moment. So, here are reasons why hot sleeping can happen.

Fluctuating Hormones

Hormone changes can result from pregnancy, aging, diet, exercise, menstrual cycles, and more. These hormonal changes can impact the hypothalamus, the body’s internal thermostat, leading to hot sleeping and uncomfortable nights.

As a result, you’re more likely to sweat excessively, get hot flashes, and feel no relief in your sleep quality. Moreover, it’s more common for women than men to experience hormonal changes that impact their bodily temperatures. So, consider taking cool showers or wearing thinner clothes to bed, so you aren’t overheating or sweating through the night.

High Metabolic Activity

A high metabolism increases natural body temperature, as it burns food to fuel the body throughout the day. Logically, a higher rate of metabolic activity results in a higher body temperature, which can impact your sleep quality and leave you feeling overheated. So, with higher metabolic rates, you’ll likely experience hot sleeping situations, leaving you feeling frustrated or unrested.

Overly Humid or Hot Bedroom

Many things can impact the temperature of your bedroom. For instance, active electronics, open windows on warm nights, and too many lights can quickly transform your bedroom into a sauna. Moreover, if you wear too many layers to bed, you can soon accumulate sweat and soak through your clothing, leaving your bedsheets feeling damp. Your room may suffer from a lack of air circulation and require changes to increase air quality and flow.

Recent Physical Activity

If you work out in the evenings, your body can feel warmer when you’re ready to settle down for the night. You build up a considerable amount of sweat from going for a jog or performing weight exercises.

However, taking time to build up a sweat and get your workout in can make your bed feel uncomfortably warm and unnecessarily claustrophobic as you lay to rest. You should opt for exercising in the mornings or early afternoons, so your bed doesn’t feel overly stuffy after you’ve worked out and showered. Moreover, if you feel antsy or energetic at night, opt for low-impact body movements, such as yoga or meditation. You’ll not only get your body moving, but you’re also more likely to feel relaxed and cooled down for a night’s rest.

Blankets Lack Thermoregulation

While thick blankets are optimal for sleeping through cold nights, that doesn’t mean you should use them all year long. Using super thick blankets in the middle of hot weather most likely prevents heat from escaping your bed space.

Instead of cotton or wool bedding, switch to more thermoregulating linens, such as bamboo. You’ll go from tossing and turning to lying comfortably in your bed, getting significantly improved sleep quality.

Tips for Overcoming Hot Sleeping

Our guide for hot sleepers to stay cool throughout the night will discuss the various steps to making your sleeping experience more pleasant and comfortable. From switching to bamboo viscose bedding to improving airflow through the night, you’ll notice a considerable difference in your bodily comfort.

Switch to Bamboo Viscose Bedding

As previously mentioned, cotton and wool bedding can feel stuffy, resulting in heat getting trapped under the bedsheets. Instead, switch to thermoregulating bedsheets like bamboo viscose.

Due to its physical makeup, bamboo viscose bedding doesn’t trap heat, as it’s naturally cooling and wicks away moisture. In addition, bamboo fibers allow for the weave to create natural air pockets, providing excellent insulation throughout winter weather while maintaining cool temperatures in the hotter months.

Close Your Drapes, Blinds, and Windows

If you live in an area with hot temperatures throughout the day, plan ahead and prevent hot air from overtaking your bedroom. Keep your bedroom as cool as possible when heat waves occur in your area to avoid a stuffy bed space.

One way to prevent hot air from overtaking your bedroom is by keeping your drapes, blinds, and windows closed to shield your room from the hot air and scorching sun rays. You can also invest in high-quality blackout curtains to keep the sun from permeating your bedroom, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Minimize Electronic Use

As you lay in bed at night, the use of laptops, computers, televisions, and mobile phones can contribute to the climbing temperature in your bedroom. Instead of having your electronics run through the night, turn them off or unplug them when not in use. You’ll notice a considerable change in temperature as you relax in your bed, feeling more comfortable as you drift off to sleep.

Run Fans and Open the Windows

If you live in a warmer climate, your room can become incredibly hot and stuffy as the day goes on. However, temperatures can drop through the night, making the perfect opportunity to crack the windows open and run the fan for optimal circulation. As a result, you will not only feel more comfortable as you sleep through the night, but you’ll also improve the air quality in your room.

Your room should feel like a relaxing space instead of a stuffy, uncomfortable one. At Bamboo Is Better, we believe in providing our customers with 100% bamboo viscose bedding that improves sleep quality and lasts longer than cotton. Hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and antimicrobial, our bamboo duvet cover set will keep your duvet clean while feeling silky soft on the skin. When you switch to bamboo viscose bedding, you’ll notice a considerable difference in sleep quality. Contact us today to learn more about our bamboo viscose bedding and why it’s great to switch.

A Guide To Stay Cool at Night for Hot Sleepers

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