Bamboo Viscose vs. Microfiber Sheets: Why Bamboo Is Superior

Hygiene and quality of sleep matter to everyone, especially when finding the proper bed sheets. After years of using cotton, you decide to switch to better quality bedding that will feel more comfortable and help you sleep better at night.

But what are the differences between bamboo viscose and microfiber sheets, and how is bamboo superior? Let’s examine the differences between each material so you can understand why you should choose bamboo viscose for your home.

Bamboo Viscose Bedding

Bamboo viscose, also referred to as bamboo rayon fabric or regenerated bamboo, is created by extracting cellulose from wood pulp, resulting in a natural fiber from crushed bamboo grass plants. Bamboo viscose bedding is incredibly silky and soft compared to cotton sheets. It provides more breathability and won’t result in overheating or being too cold.

Microfiber Bedding Sheets

Traditional microfiber mainly consists of polyester and polyamide. It’s an extremely thin man-made fiber material spun, woven, or knit into various textiles. These woven fibers can create lightweight, comfortable sheets that are also strong and durable, offering a smooth finish and the ability to regulate temperatures.

Why Bamboo Is Superior

While both bamboo viscose and microfiber sheets have their benefits, there are many reasons why bamboo reigns supreme. Firstly, bamboo viscose has better durability, especially after being washed multiple times. After many wash cycles, it becomes stronger and softer.

Moreover, they are environmentally friendly because they’re made from a renewable resource that doesn’t need as much water to grow. Bamboo viscose bedding benefits the ecosystem, has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, and provides a luxuriously soft touch that microfiber can’t compare to.

We at Bamboo Is Better believe in providing customers with high-quality bamboo viscose bedding for their homes. We focus on helping homeowners get the best quality sleep while leaving little impact on the environment, thanks to bamboo viscose’s renewable properties. When you try our king bamboo sheets, you’ll notice an increase in quality, luxury, and durability that lasts longer than the competition. See why our bamboo viscose products make the perfect addition to your home.

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