Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bedding

Over time, replacing your bedding can be the best option for overall comfort and improving sleep quality. It makes your bed feel more comfortable and removes years-old bacteria, dust, and debris from your bed space.

Before you pick out your new bedding, there are a couple of common mistakes to avoid during your purchase. The last thing you want is to invest substantial money in your bedding and only receive a sub-par product. So let’s discuss the mistakes to look out for, such as choosing fancy embellishments and embroidery, buying higher thread counts, and overloading your bed with pillows.

Common Bedding Mistakes To Avoid

There are many considerations to make before purchasing your bedding. However, before settling on a bedding option, it’s necessary to step back and consider the mistake you can potentially make.

Purchasing Heavy Comforters

While a heavy, thick comforter can make your bed appear more voluminous, it isn’t always the best choice for your bedroom. If you or your partner run on the warmer side, a heavy comfort could cause you to sweat excessively, as well as cause sleep disturbances due to tossing and turning.

Purchasing a heavy comforter is a common mistake when buying bedding, especially since bigger isn’t always better. If you or your partner sleep on the warmer side, a heavy comfort could cause you to sweat excessively and cause sleep disturbances due to tossing and turning. The last thing you want is to feel smothered in your bed, especially during the warmer seasons. Instead, go with a medium-weight or year-round comforter that balances insulation and breathability.

Buying Higher Thread Counts

It’s common for customers to believe that the higher the thread count, the better the quality. However, that isn’t always the case. Thread count measures the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The highest thread count can realistically sit between 300 to 400.

Brands claim a thread count of 600 to 800, containing “2-ply” threads. However, achieving this requires two thin threads getting spun together to create a thread of standard thickness. Moreover, the thinner threads in higher tread counts don’t have the same strength as 300 to 400 thread counts, resulting in pilling after a couple of washes.

Ignoring the Fine Details

It’s not uncommon for buyers to purchase bedding that claims to contain 100% cotton, silk, and other fabrics but doesn’t achieve the expectations the buyer initially desired. If you look closely at the fine details about the fabric, check to ensure the label fulfills its claims. If you want to purchase 100% bamboo viscose bedding, check for a small detail on the label, so you don’t waste your money on a lower-quality product.

Choosing Fancy Embellishments & Embroidery

Sometimes, embroidered blankets or pillows with eye-catching embellishments can look super classy and sophisticated. However, they don’t always work well for comfort and support.

If you have embroidered and embellished bedding in your room, guest room, and children’s rooms, you can swap it out for a simplified option. Instead of pillows with tassels, bejeweled accents, and various types of fabrics, go for pillows with smooth surfaces and minimal embellishments. Your family and guests will sleep better without getting poked or scratched throughout the night.

Buying Secondhand Bedding

While saving money on your bedding can help you find quality bedding for budget-friendly prices, don’t go down the secondhand route. Browsing thrift stores and secondhand shops can result in bedding with questionable backgrounds, reduced quality, and excessive amounts of accumulated bacteria.

While it can feel tempting to shop secondhand for bedding, opt for a discounted deal, closeout sales, and special savings events on brand-new bedding you’ve been wanting instead. For this reason, you must be patient and wait for upcoming sales events instead of buying bedding secondhand. You’ll save yourself from catching illnesses and replacing your bedding sooner than expected.

Ignoring Bedding Seasonality

Weather patterns begin to change throughout the year and can impact your comfort. So, ensuring that you have quality bedding that makes each season more tolerable is crucial. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for buyers to purchase bedding that doesn’t fit the season.

When you don’t consider seasonality, it can impact aesthetics and practicality. Find bedding that fits every season that also focuses on comfort. The last thing you want is to purchase heavy bedding for summer weather. You can also find reversible bedding that offers two different solid colors or patterns to capture each season’s ambiance perfectly.

Overloading With Pillows

Adding decorative pillows can make your bed feel more inviting and comforting, almost as if it came right out of a magazine. However, excessive amounts of pillows don’t have a practical purchase besides making your room look nice.

If you want to add more pillows to your bedroom, don’t solely focus on aesthetics. Instead, go for practicality by purchasing a bamboo memory foam pillow for better neck support. While decorating your bed can make it feel cozier, don’t get lost in overbuying pillows for no reason.

Not Knowing Your Fabrics

Your bedding should feel silky, soft, and smooth against your skin throughout the night. Unfortunately, the bedding you choose can negatively impact your comfort and sleep quality. There are many bedding materials, such as cotton, silk, and bamboo viscose.

If you have sensitive skin, silk and bamboo viscose are perfect bedding choices that feel cold and soft to the touch without irritating the skin. Moreover, don’t try to choose bedding fabric based on popularity; instead, focus on making a choice that works best for you.

Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

When you choose bamboo viscose bedding, the fabric offers many benefits. For instance, bamboo bedding offers hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties that help keep your skin cool while warding away dust mites and bacteria.

Moreover, bamboo viscose is a renewable and eco-friendly resource that requires less water to grow than cotton, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen. Lastly, if you live with eczema, rosacea, and other skin irritations, bamboo helps soothe the skin.

Having the best bedding possible should come from a dependable source. At Bamboo Is Better, we provide 100% bamboo viscose bedding that’s long-lasting and feels silky soft to the touch. Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking, our bamboo viscose sheet sets come in various colors and sizes for your preferences. If you have little ones who live with skin sensitivities or who are transitioning from the crib to a bed, our bamboo sheets for twins can help your children enjoy the quality of bamboo bedding for their specific bed size. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our luxurious, eco-friendly bamboo viscose bedding.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bedding

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