New Year's Resolution - 10 ways to live sustainably

Unfortunately in current times, our planet is plagued with issues that require immediate attention. Most of the civilization wishes to make this change but we often fall prey to misinformation and myths around sustainable living like it being extremely difficult or unattainable in our day to day life which in reality isn’t the case. In fact, living sustainably will improve one’s lifestyle and health for better and becomes easy once you begin. 

Hence, now is the time to make the switch!

Let’s begin this new year with 10 ways to live a sustainable lifestyle :

1.Time to bid farewell to plastic bags 

Plastic has been one of the major environmental hazards for years. Making it a point to completely stop using plastic bags for grocery shopping and substituting them with reusable cloth bags will help bring change to the environment.

2. Composting

Composting food waste, vegetable peels etc can help enrich the soil and reduce landfill to a great extent. The best place to begin composting is your backyard!

3.Carry reusable straws

Everyone is so habituated to using plastic straws that unconsciously we happen to say yes to using it outside. However, now’s the time to start saying no to plastic straws. Instead carry reusable bamboo straws in your backpack and in case you forget to carry them, opt for a sip lid instead of a regular straw one.

4.Switch your mode of transportation

If you are among those who don’t particularly travel long distances on a daily basis, then try switching to a bicycle or simply walk to work or wherever you need to reach. Auto emission is a huge problem and it can be minimised by either using public transports or riding a bicycle. Although due to the pandemic as of now opting for a carpool is not a great idea, on the bright side, walks and bike rides are a definite yes to reduce the carbon footprint as well as keeping yourself healthy!

5.Give your wardrobe a healthy switch

Make sure to check the material used in the new top that you so wish to buy. Choose clothes made of bamboo as they not only are sustainable but also come with a number of benefits such as, they are highly breathable, antibacterial and highly durable.

6.Bamboo makeover for your bedroom

Bamboo bedding is a great way to begin living sustainably. Bamboo sheets, duvets, and comforters for your bedroom is not just an Eco-friendly alternative but also a healthy and highly comfortable way of living one’s life. Bamboo sheets are softer than usual cotton sheets and are also highly breathable. They are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial reducing the chances of allergies. Moreover, they are durable and nonabsorbent that makes them look new for many years.

7.Time your showers

Who doesn’t enjoy long showers? but with long showers comes more and more water wastage. It is important now more than ever that we start timing our showers and avoid taking long baths to avoid water wastage.

8. Switch to E-Invites

E-Invites are a great way to avoid the use of traditional physical invites and help reduce carbon footprints. They’re easy to make and quicker to send! Use your creativity and start using E-Invites for all your upcoming events and parties.

9.Energy conservation 

Smallest things like simply switching to LED bulbs, turning off fans and lights when they’re not needed, hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer can make a huge impact in the long run.

10.Plant as much as you can 

Since we take so much from the earth, let’s give a little back by planting plants in and around our back yard/front yard, and if you are living in apartments, zen your space by adding the right kinda green such as indoor plants and herbs. A little bit green makes the earth win!

These are some ways one can actually live a healthy and sustainable life. Start with doing one thing and gradually it’s a positive impact on our lives will be noticeable.

For a better today and a healthier tomorrow!


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