Sustainable Love

"Love sustainability and sustainability will love you along with this beautiful planet back"

The world needs sustainable and eco friendly solutions given the current alarming state of our planet and the effects of toxic chemicals, plastic etc on it. But do we realise, we as humans also need the same kind of sustainable approach towards ourselves for a better tomorrow ?


We gather our spirits and run towards our goals of all things material but in the process forget to take care of ourselves and miss out on the everyday 'experiences' of life. 


We worry about people’s feelings, their happiness, their needs but forget to tend to our own feelings. The constant giving can be harmful in the long run and eventually make you resent it. 

Love judiciously, and start by giving love to yourself. Sustainability and love are both about nourishment. Sustainable love is about self nourishment. The idea is for love to last, to really last effectively and positively and it can only happen through a sustainable approach.

If one will self nourish, one will be in a better position to give love to others around them. An eco friendly approach and lifestyle is the need of the hour. 

The sustainable way of living works both externally like reducing the use of plastic, using reusable products, planting trees, and it also works internally in the form of self love such as eating well, exercising, meditation and a lot of other things to keep one's headspace clean and body fit.

Our planet needs protection and so does our heart. A daily sustainable approach towards love, like practicing self nourishment will go a long way in helping you create and preserve a healthy heart and a healthy love for yourself and for that special someone.

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