The Science Behind Anti-Microbial Bedding

It’s common knowledge that bedding and linens can accumulate dust, dirt, bacteria, and debris over time. With regular washing, clean bedding can keep homeowners from getting sick or experiencing skin irritations. But what is the science behind antimicrobial bedding, and is it right for you?

Traditional Antimicrobial Methods

The first question to ask is why does antimicrobial bedding have importance? Simply put, antimicrobial bedding helps slow and stop the spread of certain germs, especially in healthcare settings. The odor-destroying and germ-killing properties embedded in these linens help prevent the spread of bacteria-borne skin issues and infections.

Due to the self-sanitizing nature of antimicrobial lines, they can stay fresh longer and don’t need laundering as often as traditional bedding. Antimicrobial linens have silver strands woven into every stitch, which naturally fights bacterial growth. The positive charges in the silver attract the bacteria—which carry a negative charge—and break down the bacteria’s cell wall, destroying infectious organisms.

The Concept of Bamboo-Kun

Bamboo-kun has similar effects to silver woven sheets. The fabric derives its natural antibacterial properties from an antimicrobial bio-agent found in bamboo plants. These plants naturally resist pests that could harm them and other plants in their natural habitats.

Farmers don’t need to use pesticides when cultivating it because of Bamboo-kun. Conversely, cotton crops use pesticides to keep pests away, resulting in harmful agents becoming trapped in the material even after undergoing the manufacturing process.

Bamboo-Kun Benefits

The benefits of Bamboo-kun extend past its antimicrobial properties. Bamboo-kun also contains an antifungal agent, which keeps fungi away and makes the fabric odor resistant.

These antifungal, antibacterial, and odor-resistant properties stay preserved even during the manufacturing process. So, when you incorporate 100% viscose bamboo bedding or other bamboo fabrics into your clothing, pillows, and other items, you’ll feel confident, knowing any harmful bacteria, fungi, pesticides, and odors won’t stick around.

Our 100% viscose bedding at Bamboo Is Better assures homeowners that they don’t have to trade quality for peace of mind. We offer cooling bamboo duvet covers that provide thermoregulating properties to keep your skin cool throughout the night. If you want to learn more about and fully experience the science behind antimicrobial bedding, give our bamboo viscose duvet covers a try. Browse our collection today.

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