Truth or Trend: Is bamboo the way to live sustainably?

Bamboo products have been gaining popularity as one of the best go to options to switch to for a more sustainable way of living. There are products ranging from kitchenware to bed sheets that are made out of bamboo that we can use in our everyday life making the switch we have been thinking about.

Let us find out !!

A Gift to the Environment 

Research says, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen when compared to other trees and it can also absorb a humongous amount of carbon dioxide when compared to other trees and plants. 

Fastest growing plant



Bamboo can completely mature in a mere 3 to 4 months. You can literally see the plant grow to its full size with your own eyes. This makes bamboo a highly renewable resource to use. 


Bamboo can be used to make numerous products that we use on a daily basis. Everything from what you wear to what you use in the kitchen can be made using bamboo. This versatility of bamboo in turn reduces the use of other harmful materials like plastic to make products.In short Bamboo is the Tom Cruise of Sustainability, as we always say try it to believe it.

Strong and durable

Unlike other materials bamboo is highly durable and most products made from bamboo can last for a very long time without getting damaged. This in turn reduces constant purchase for new items and one can keep reusing bamboo products for a long time and help reduce land pollution.

Erosion prevention

Bamboos have a very thick root system. This root system prevents soil erosion and reduces the chances of harm done to aquatic life when nutrients are dumped into rivers during erosion and landslides. 

The above points make it clear how both the cultivation and use of bamboo is sustainable and eco friendly when compared to other harmful materials like plastic which we use everyday, which amounts to the estimated increase of the carbon foot print.

Having said that everything has its pros and cons and so does bamboo. Bamboo cultivation comes with its fair share of impact on the environment for instance Bamboo is grown in mono plantation which means no other plant can be grown in that area leading to loss in biodiversity. However, bamboo is much more sustainable and eco friendly compared to many hazardous materials like single use plastic that is causing havoc to our environment. By switching to bamboo we can make a huge impact in reducing the use of plastic and making our environment and future a little more safer.



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