Ways Your Pillow Can Make or Break Your Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you wake up periodically and feel unrested? Do you have to chug multiple cups of coffee throughout the day? Your pillow could be the reason you’re feeling so tired.

Pillows can considerably impact sleep, especially if they’re worn out. So let’s discuss how your pillow can significantly affect your sleep quality.

Pillow Filling, Size, and Height

One of the first things you should understand before lying down to sleep is the type of pillow you have. A couple of aspects to consider when you’re choosing a pillow are the filling, height, and size.


Some of the most popular pillow fillings are down, feathers, shredded memory foam, wool, cotton, bamboo, and polyester fiberfill. The goal of a pillow is to properly align your head, neck, and spine during your sleep, so the wrong filling can position your head too high or low and result in neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches.


Pillows also come in three sizes: standard, queen, and king. Your body size will play a contributing factor in the pillow size you need. Your pillow should fully support your neck, head, and shoulders while you’re lying down.


Lastly, one way your pillow can impact your sleep is through its level of support and height provided. If your pillow is too high or low, you could suffer from discomfort and aches following sleep. If you have a pillow that doesn’t support your neck and head correctly, you can wake up with a stiff neck, headaches, and muscle soreness.

Your Favorite Sleeping Positions

Everyone has their favorite positions to sleep in. While one person may sleep flat on their back, another may enjoy curling up on their side with their arm tucked under their head.

Your sleep position dictates the type of pillow you need for better-quality sleep. While side-sleepers use the outer portions of their pillows, back-sleepers stay more in the middle. The type of pillow that would benefit a side sleeper is a thick, firm pillow to keep their heads and neck aligned. As for back sleepers, they sleep with thinner pillows that provide support to their neck and spinal alignment.

Interrupted Sleep and Allergies

You should also consider any allergies you might have and how often you wake up during the night. Interrupted sleep can occur when you need to adjust your pillow, frequently toss and turn, and wake up in the night feeling congested. Additionally, allergy flare-ups can result from an old pillow that needs replacement.

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