Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas 🎄

Gifting is about showing your loved ones how much you adore them and telling them how special they are. With Christmas and Holiday season around the corner, we are all struggling to find perfect gifts for our loved ones.

Wouldn't it be great if we could use this beautiful occasion to give sustainable gifts that can be useful for our loved ones and help prevent pollution?

Here are some sustainable Christmas gift ideas :

Travel-Friendly Pillows 

We may not be travelling at the moment, however, we do spend a majority of our time working from home, binge-watching shows and playing video games. The trips have been shortened from the living room to the office niche and spending 6-8 hours in one place in one position can take a toll on our muscles especially neck and spine muscles. At Bamboo is better we have just the right gift for the workaholics, gamers and binge-watchers. As they say, once you try it there is never going back!


Plants can be a perfect gift for all your friends and family members who love looking after their gardens. Interacting with plants can bring joy and instill a sense of calm, which we all need during these times. Moreover, it will be your little step towards reducing the effects of the greenhouse effect.

Bamboo Cooking set

A cooking set can be a wonderful substitute for the plastic kitchenware in your loved one's kitchen. They are highly durable, odor resistant and extremely lightweight to use. Easy to use, we can also use them as drum sticks!! Just kidding, its a good idea to indulge in some bamboo fun!

Reusable mugs/bottles

Plastic bottles are increasingly impacting land pollution. This problem can be simply solved by carrying a reusable bottle wherever you travel. Reusable mugs can be your perfect companion while getting your morning dose of coffee. 

Bamboo Bedding

This Holiday season treat your near and dear ones to the most euphorically soft and luxurious sheets on the market. These 100% bamboo sheets are powerfully thermoregulating they maintain a cooler temperature in the summer and warmer in the winter. They are hypoallergenic and antibacterial making these sheets the best choice for those who like their sheets smelling fresh.

Online workshop 

Yes, you heard it right, digital learning has helped all of us a lot during these times. Wouldn't it be great if you could gift your mom an online baking workshop?
Not only will it help in reducing carbon footprint, but it will also keep them engaged and help add a new skill this holiday season. Psst! The delicious treats are a plus, you get to gobble them all up as she bakes new treats!

Bamboo clothing 

Bamboo clothing comes with numerous benefits. The bamboo fiber is highly durable, it absorbs water keeping the fiber moisture-free at all times. It also helps you keep warm in winters. Make a lovely set of bamboo t-shirts and pants for your friends this Christmas.

Let's make a small effort toward a big change. Make this Christmas special and memorable by being a part of this beautiful change towards a more sustainable future.

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